Problems with freeradius accounting proxy

Phil Pierotti phil.pierotti at
Mon Feb 15 03:42:29 CET 2010

Hi All,

I've got Freeradius (2.1.7, Ubuntu Hardy) setup to answer some requests
itself, and others get proxied away.
All accounting requests get proxied away.

My Cisco LNS is sending periodic accounting requests , every ten minutes.

We have enough concurrent sessions online that there's a steady rain of
accounting packets, about one-3 per second on average.

After some reasonably short period of time (currently approx 30-40 minutes)
Freeradius stops responding to accounting requests.

Auth requests (when they happen) are still fine, however because our auth
volume is low, our Cisco ends up seeing the lack of response to accounting
messages as 'dead radius', and no further auth attempts are being sent.

TCPDUMP shows the accounting requests are still being received on the
freeradius box, but the outbound/proxied messages have just stopped.

Any suggestions as to what might be wrong/where to look?

Phil P
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