Allowing user from one realm but not another

Jeff A jeffa at
Mon Feb 15 15:00:27 CET 2010

Ok good news I got it to work..New day less tired and man what an idiot I

I have a question though.

Freeradius can look at more than one user file, what is the syntax to allow
this to read another, and where do I place the entry for it

I am wanting to do this so I can convert to complete realm names for the
users, but since so many users with different realms
The process is going to take awhile, so I need for the program to see both
entries so there will be a match till the process is completed
I I would place them in the same file then they would be overwritten

Thanks so much for the help on the realm issue


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Jeff A wrote:
> I am using cistron compat to accommodate my userfile inputted by rodopi

  I'd really suggest using the FreeRADIUS features.  Ask rodopi to fix
their product.

> I have tried adding the ! and : symbol in the above line (makes no
> difference)

  Uh... "I tried random things and they didn't work".

  That's not the way to solve the problem.  See "man users" for
*documentation* on how it works.

> Also have tried the realm item as a check item, quote, and no options with
> same results
> If a check item its placed on same line as username etc but still no go as
> below example
> dialuptest	Password = "secret"	Realm = "", Auth-Type =
> Reject

  That is wrong on a number of points.

  I think you're really not clear on how the "users" file works.  Read
the documentation for it, and then go back and read my earlier message.
 The line above does NOT match my message.  Therefore, it's wrong.

  Alan DeKok.
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