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Latha Krishnamurthi latha_vgopal at
Sat Feb 20 00:24:07 CET 2010

I am using the free radius 2.1.3. I have a module rlm_xxx and have initialized it as thread safe. I have configured the start_servers as 3. The issue I am having is as follows.
I see that a new instance is getting created when the first one is busy handling a request. (I do this this by adding a sleep in the module and printing the threadid) I am expecting the xxx_instantiate function to get called each time a new instance is created (reading in the documentation). This does not happen. I am actually connecting to a server in the instantiate function and storing the socket id in the *instance, so that I can use it later in the authenticate etc.
But it seems that the socket id is the same for all the instances. *instance seems to be shared by all the instances ??
Am I missing something/configuration, your help is grately appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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