Fw: freeradius and ldap using chap

Eric Eric eric121233 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 22 13:41:36 CET 2010

When I remove ldap-Vpn from authenticate part error is:
rlm_chap: login attempt by "test" with CHAP password
  rlm_chap: Could not find clear text password for user test
Login incorrect (rlm_chap: Clear text password not available): [test] (from client vpntist port 128 cli

what is wrong in my config?any help?

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From: Eric Eric <eric121233 at yahoo.com>
Subject: Fw: freeradius and ldap using chap
To: freeradius-users at lists.freeradius.org
Date: Sunday, February 21, 2010, 1:33 PM

I want to change authentication pap to chap. The users with clear passwords are in ldap server. The error is :

rlm_ldap: - authenticate
rlm_ldap: Attribute "User-Password" is required for authentication. Cannot use "CHAP-Password".
Login incorrect (rlm_chap: Clear text password not available):

I saw the problem in faq but I didn't find what is my mistake. The config is:
in users :

 DEFAULT Client-IP-Address == , Auth-Type := Vpn, Autz-Type := Vpn, Post-Auth-Type := Vpn, Session-type := Vpn

in radius.conf:
ldap ldap-Vpn{
                password_attribute =
                password_header = "{clear}"
authorize {
Autz-Type Vpn{

authenticate {
Auth-Type CHAP {
 Auth-Type Vpn{



what is my mistake? should I do any other config or change in ldap.attrmap?


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