How long it take to auth in 802.1X/WPA-enterprise?

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Tue Feb 23 14:34:07 CET 2010

Thank you very much.

Your comment and advice are very helpful to understand Radius mechanism


I replaced the AP(Belkin54g) with new one(DWL-8200AP, D-Link).

As a result, the delay time is reduced from 18 sec to 0.15 sec

I measured the time stamp the captured packet-based on Network Monitor

However, I'm not sure it depends on AP's feature or not.


I have already installed VMware tools in that measuring, so networking
configuration is ok.


Lastly, concerned with "Looking up realm",

Actually, I didn't know very well about this, 

I just use the user name like that style.

Can you explain in detail?




Jaejong Baek



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> How long it take to auth in 802.1X/WPA-enterprise?


depends on the system and what methods etc...but easily under 1 second here


> In this simple network model, I have tried to auth using

> EAP-TLS(self-certification) and it works good.

> By the way, about 18 seconds are taken to auth as follow debug logs.

> (confer the timestamp (1) and (2))


wheres the real authentication - ie Access-Accept return packet?


do you have vmware tools on your ubuntu VMware hosted system - and therefore
using vmxnet driver instead of the slow pcnet32 ?  (lsmod | grep vmx)


turn off any non-needed modules - eg are you ever going to use /etc/passwd
for user accounts? if not, comment out the unix module whenever it appears..

likewise files, expiration, logintime etc..... make sure you are not going
to be needign them though!




> Wed Feb 17 21:37:00 2010 : Info: [suffix] Looking up realm 

> "xxxx.yyy.zz.vv" for User-Name = "kkk at xxxx.yyy.zz.vv"

> Wed Feb 17 21:37:00 2010 : Info: [suffix] No such realm "xxxx.yyy.zz.vv"


are you deliberately not dealing with this realm? are you expecting it to be
sent elsewhere?




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