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Alexandre Chapellon alexandre.chapellon at
Tue Feb 23 19:56:14 CET 2010

Le mardi 23 février 2010 à 13:39 -0500, Mark Jones a écrit :

> How does one go about monitoring freeradius in that to see if it is reaching 
> process limits or max clients etc..

I have made a cacti template, it won't do any sentry upon max-client or
process-limit as you asked for. But it may help track access
accept/reject... and accounting request.
If your interested in it it can be found here but
needs to be tweaked.
(It uses radius status request instead of snmp)

I know it's not what you asked for , but i thought it could help (And
I'd be glad that someone can test it :p)


> If I run it in debug mode it laces limits on it hat are not in normal mode.I know it 
> Is snmp the only way?
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