monitoring freeradius

Mark Jones mjones at
Wed Feb 24 14:36:32 CET 2010

I can't see why I would set it to longer then 5 seconds but some of the 
comments in the radius.conf file suggest there may be cases when you want it 
less then that.
Which led me to wondering how you could check if you needed to.
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> Mark Jones wrote:
>> I am not looking to see if radius is failing or not running but as to
>> how many of the options under the thread pool are being used at any
>> given point in time.
>  What does that mean?  How many threads are being used?
>  That information isn't currently available.  It shouldn't be too hard
> to add, though.
>> if I run the server with -X then it only runs one thread so that does
>> not tell me what is going on.
>> Also if the cleanup delay is too long so I am hitting the max_requests
>  Why would you set cleanup delay to be longer than 5 seconds?
>  Alan DeKok.
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