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Mark Jones mjones at
Wed Feb 24 17:23:17 CET 2010

Ok what I am trying to do....

We have a radius server that out las comunicate to for authentication and 
Accounting is not stored localy it is wrote to an sql database on another 
server. We have setup the buffered-sql section so that accounting is wrote 
to a local detail file then read from the file and wrote to the remote sql 

the reason we do this is if the sql server is under heavy load or does not 
respond in a timly manor then the accounting accept message is delayed or 
never sent back to the nas so it can end up marking the radius server as 
down which is bad. So the buffered sql has fixed that potential problem.

The current problem is to do with post-auth rejects and accepts being logged 
to the remote sql server. We are in the same situation that if the remote 
server does not accept the write of the post-auth then the user that tried 
to login actually gets rejected. So I want to write the items to a file then 
send them to the sql server as available.

I know I can do this with the sql_log feature and radsqlrealy but would 
prefer to do it with the radius server itself not via external program.

Does that make sense?

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> Mark Jones wrote:
>> ok but in the same post-auth section if i use the sql_log facility it
>> will write the username and password
>  That's nice.
>  You have been careful to discuss only problems.  I suggest stating
> your requirements instead.
>  Alan DeKok.
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