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Wegener, Norbert Norbert.Wegener at
Mon Jul 5 12:09:42 CEST 2010

Just for information: It also does not work with the most recent version of samba 3.5.4.
It definitely works with 3.0.30.

Norbert Wegener

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Wegener, Norbert wrote:
> I installed samba  3..4.8 and it produces the same errors as the previous version.
> Should the only workaround really be  downgrading back to samba/winbind 3.0.30.

  Quite possibly.

> as suggested in ?
> It is hard to believe that the only way to use peap/mschap in this context requires that old versions of samba :-(

  I'm impressed with the amount of work that the Samba people have done.
 Integrating with MS is *hard*.

  Alan DeKok.
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