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Marius Pesé wrote:
> We are still struggling to get our FreeRadius2 servers running on
> CentOS5.5 to relay accounting packages to one another.

  ? raddb/sites-available/copy-acct-to-home-server

> However if we start radsqlrelay

  Uh... why?

> (radsqlrelay -d mysql -b freeradius -h
> 196.25.xxx.xxx -u root -p xxxx /var/log/radius/radacct/relay/sql-relay)
> it opens quite a few connections to the secondary database, but does not
> seem to use the text file with the queries, also it does not give any
> debug output, regardless of the –x option. Tried both path and path+file
> for the filename, hostname and IP for the the secondary database system.
> Without debugging output fairly hard to figure out. Anybody else know
> this problem?

  I haven't used radsqlrelay for a long, long, time.  The detail file
reader/write works fine.

  Alan DeKok.

Thanks Alan, acct relay works fine now using proxy.conf and copy-acct-to-home-server!
One final question: Is it possible to replicate the Users table (mysql) using FreeRadius2?
The idea is never having to worry if a new user was properly created on both servers (or deleted on both servers). Easiest way seems to be updating the php script to talk to two databases, but if FreeRadius can compare and update its user tables itself it might be even more reliable.

Thanks again


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