Retry delay and retry count when proxying requests

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jul 16 14:55:33 CEST 2010

Murray Long wrote:
> I'm trying to integrate with Ipass and they have asked for a 12 second
> or more delay between retry attempts.   The default behavior for
> freeradius seems to be sending 3 retries every 5 secs, which is why
> I've been trying to change it.

  No.  The default behavior for the *NAS* is to send 3 retries every 5
seconds.  FreeRADIUS just passes those packets along to the home server.

> As I only have a single home-server for the realm i don't mind
> applying the change to either the realm or the home-server, but I
> havn't been able to figure out how to do either.
> Am I going about this the wrong way?

  I don't see what is unclear about the documentation.

1) you can still set retry_delay and retry_count

2) just as with 1.x

3) in the same place in the config files as with 1.x

4) those 2 configuration items will only apply to old-style realms

5) old-style realms have "authhost" and "accthost"

6) so... configure retry_delay and retry_count as you did with 1.x

7) configure a realm as you did with 1.x

8) it *will* work

  Alan DeKok.

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