Redirection to the NAS of an external CoA request

newtownz jean466 at
Mon Jul 19 17:52:15 CEST 2010


I'm trying to figure out how to send a CoA from freeRadius
to the NAS.  The set-up I have involves two servers and an 
Aruba controller.  

   +----------+      CoA-Request         +----------+
   |               |  <-------------------- |  Ubuntu  |
   |   NAS       |                                |  RADIUS  |
   |  Aruba     |     CoA-Response         |  Server   |
   |Controller  |  --------------------->|   2.1.9    |
   +----------+                                 +----------+
					| Port 3799
				 |               |
				 |  Request  |
				 | Generator |
				 |              |

 In this test set-up the client authenticates locally on the
freeRadius server.  The server listen on port 3799 for a CoA request
that is generated from another computer, the freeRadius accepts
the request and sends a ACK to the generator but it does not
send anything to the NAS, I tried to supply in the request a
NAS-IP-Address attribute and also tried with Packet-Dst-IP-Address
with no success. Also tried different things in CoA and Originate-CoA
with the same results.

The goal I'm trying to reach is to supply the user-name in the
CoA request that will force the client to silently reconnect and
in the meantime I will have changed the Access-List accessible to
the client.

1: Is it possible to send a CoA request to the freeRadius server
and then have it relay the request to the Aruba controller?

2: If it is possible what do I have to put in the configs file
and where?

Thank you

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