proxy everyone

marco perugini m.perugini at
Tue Jul 20 19:12:45 CEST 2010

hi list!
i'm setting up my freeradius architecture with a single proxy and 
multiple servers;
here's my scenario:
freeradius server # 1 -> my own server [realm]
freeradius server # 2 -> external server [realm]
freeradius proxy -> i know everything about users i proxy towards my 
server [# 1] but i don't know anything about users i proxy towards 
external server [# 2]. i would proxy every_username at just to log 

so this is my question for you: can i use rlm_realm to proxy an entire 
realm without knowing the usernames just to trace auth/acct requests? or 
i'm crazy at all?

i hope you'll understand my question......... ;)


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