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Thu Jul 22 13:13:36 CEST 2010

What I would do.

Use the etc_group module

Create som groups for your users

Add the respective users to the correct groups

In the users file I will create a line for each login server (client to the raidus server)
Something like this:
Client-IP-Address == [login server1], Radius-Group == ”[name of group]”

Take a look at the module etc_group to see how you create a group.
Then remember to add the group etc_group name to the authentication section of your radius site probably the sites-enabled/default

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Emne: How to separate users to different server...

I want to separate users, for example, there are 10 users
user1, user2 ... user10
I want user1, user2 ... user5 can only login server1
I want user6.................user10 can only login server2
if user1 login server2, could I sent a login failure? How to finish this task...


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