Error: ASSERT FAILED threads.c[406]

Meyers, Dan d.meyers at
Mon Jul 26 11:29:44 CEST 2010

Quick bit of background. We're using FreeRADIUS in combination with
rlm_perl for network access control at our site. Everything was running
fine on FreeBSD 8.0 with FreeRADIUS 2.1.8 compiled from ports and Perl
5.8 compiled to be non-threaded and not support multiplicity. We got new
higher spec servers from Dell, and sadly the only *nix OS that currently
supports the RAID card in them seems to be Ubuntu Server 10.4, so we're
now on that.

Perl is compiled (as it is by default on Ubuntu) with threads and
multiplicity, but some testing by hammering the server from multiple
different machines using radclient and some test packets from a file
seemed to show that (unlike the last time we tried, which I believe was
on FreeRADIUS 2.1.3) using threaded perl was stable and worked fine with
rlm_perl in FreeRADIUS (it used to lock up eventually).

Ran fine for a week or so, but in the last few days we've had it crash
twice, both times with the same message. The logs initially fill with
messages of the sort:

"Sat Jul 24 01:05:08 2010 : Error: WARNING: Unresponsive child for
request 128145, in module perl component accounting"


"Sat Jul 24 01:05:08 2010 : Info: WARNING: Child is hung for request

We'll end up with 32 of the former type of error message (we're
currently running with 32 threads configured in the thread_pool in
radius.conf), interspersed with the latter, then a stack of the latter
type of error (Always for the same set of requests, i.e. one of the ones
we got an initial error for, but we'll get the second error multiple
times for a given request). Then eventually we get

"Sat Jul 24 01:05:27 2010 : Error: ASSERT FAILED threads.c[406]:
(*request)->magic == REQUEST_MAGIC"

All our accounting module does in perl is convert the incoming radius
hash to yaml and then attempt to write it to a database with a
timestamp. I am strongly suspecting that the initial problem is to do
with threading in combination with the DBD::MySQL module in perl or the
MySQL client rather than FreeRADIUS, despite our testing seeming to show
it was OK. But I do not think that final ASSERT FAILED error should be
being generated as a result of the former issue. I am trying to
understand what is going on. Is FreeRADIUS attempting to kill the
deadlocked threads and being unable to do so?



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