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Hi Alan,

In my actual deployment I have Radius client, RADIUS proxy and RADIUS Server.

Accounting-Request is originated form Radius client after success-full authentication.
Accounting request authenticator is generated using RADIUS proxy secret in RADIUS client.
RADIUS proxy functionality is to forward Accounting request to Remote Accounting server.
While doing proxy functionality Accounting-Request authenticator is re-calculated using Remote Accounting server secret
and updates he request with re-calculated value and the request is posted to remote end.

Please tell me whether my understanding about Accounting-Request authenticator and secret is correct.

Karthikeyan Gopal - ERS, HCL Tech wrote:
> *My config:*
> *NAS shared secret = testing123*
> *Accounting server Secret = 123testing*

  The NAS is sending accounting packets, too.  There is no "NAS" secret
and "accounting" secret.  There may be different secrets for
authentication and accounting, but the NAS will send both packets.

  Alan DeKok.


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I have one basic question in generating Accounting-Request and Response Authenticator generation.

My config:
NAS shared secret = testing123
Accounting server Secret = 123testing

While generating Accounting-Request Authenticator which secret to use?
NAS or Acct server secret?

In Accounting Response: Which secret should be used to generate accounting response authenticator?



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