peap/eap/mschapv2 + MySQL

Matt Madrid admiralcap at
Tue Jun 1 07:25:30 CEST 2010

>> Ok, well like I said, mysql wasn't being queried by the inner-tunnel
>> server. Still not clear on why that was happening, but I worked around
>> it by commenting out inner-tunnel as the virtual server to use for
>> peap. So the default server is being used and working.
> errrrr, it wasnt working when you proxy to inner-tunnel
> because SQL *WASNT* configured in your inner-tunnel section...
> go have a look at your inner-tunnel config again and tell me where
> 'sql' appears in your authenticate section?
> now see how you have it configured in your 'default'

hmm.. well as far as I can tell, 'sql' isn't supposed to be in the
authenticate section. In my default config it is in the authorize
section just as it is in inner-tunnel. When I did try to add it to
authenticate, I get an error on startup:

inner-tunnel[223]: "SQL" modules aren't allowed in 'authenticate'
sections -- they have no such method.
inner-tunnel[223]: Failed to parse "sql" entry.

> if you use inner-tunnel then you have far more efficient
> config and server CPU usage etc.

I'd love to use inner-tunnel if I could get it to work.

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