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David Moorhouse (FR) freeradius at
Tue Jun 1 11:48:27 CEST 2010

Thanks for your help Alan

Although your hint was not quite right (the correct operator is ":=") it 
did point me in the right direction.  The value stored in the database 
for the check was in MB and the sql query in the counter.conf file was 
summing accounting records which are stored in octets (bytes).

So a quick change to the query and it's now working fine.

Once again - many thanks


On 01/06/10 00:08, Alan Buxey wrote:
> Hi,
>> Maybe it's time to read the source code for the counter module :(
> the documentation should be more than enough.....if the rest of the config
> is fine, then the issue is that you are setting some attribute as a
> comparison ...  :=  which would always be true. you need to set it as a value check
> instead eg>=
> alan
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