Freeradius, custom vars and sql queries in sites-enabled/dhcp

Wingman wingman at
Wed Jun 2 09:29:17 CEST 2010

Great, thx, Alan!

I've  allready  written most functionality with rlm_perl, now will try
to move it to native freeradius.

> Wingman wrote:
>> For example, i need to parse several conditions, regarding to sql queries results. I'm confusing in how to use custom vars and custom sql queries in sites-enabled/dhcp ?
>> i.e. i need somthing like this pseudocode:
>> dhcp DHCP-Discover {
>> .........
>>    sql
>>    MYVAR := "%{sql: select blahblahblah}"

>   See "man unlang".  You need to put the attribute into an "update" section.

>   And you can't specify random names for "variables".  They aren't
> variables, they are attributes with pre-defined types.  See
> raddb/dictionary.

>   Alan DeKok.

Ilya A. Masandilov

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