log loading of configuration files [was Re: Accounting to MySQL not working]

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Wed Jun 2 13:46:02 CEST 2010

Josip Rodin wrote:
> It occurs to me that it would be a good idea to add an option that would
> allow users to log the entire initial configuration parsing on startup to
> the main log file, IOW log that part even if the server did not run with -X.

  Hmm... OK.

> When they run it with -X, they'll see the packets as they come in and that's
> good for the debugging of the per-request logic, but a lot of this initial
> text will scroll down the screen as if everything in it is all right, and
> they might miss important information in it.

  Well... it shouldn't be too much to ask people to read the debug
output.  It prints out filenames for a *reason*.  Anyone ignoring that
because "it's too complicated" is responsible for their own choice.

  The issues seen recently here with "unusual" behavior in the config
are partly because the server is flexible, in that it allows multiple
overlapping configuration sections.  It's also partly the responsibility
of people who don't examine the configuration files the server is using.

> On related note, OpenLDAP provides loglevel 'config' for a very similar
> functionality, it logs the parsing of slapd.conf on start.

  That's what debug mode does...

  Alan DeKok.

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