reauth-problem with WPA2-tls

Andreas Hartmann andihartmann at
Fri Jun 4 00:12:26 CEST 2010

Alexander Clouter schrieb:
> Bjørn Mork <bjorn at> wrote:
>> Andreas Hartmann <andihartmann at> writes:
>>> Yes, you're right - I meant option eap -> tls -> cache -> enable is
>>> switched _on_ and fast_reauth is on too on the supplicant. My wrong :-(.
>>> You can see it at this log entry at the initial login:
>>> Wed Jun  2 20:29:14 2010 : Info: [tls] Adding user data to cached session
>>> Wed Jun  2 20:29:14 2010 : Info: [tls] Saving response in the cache
>>> Wed Jun  2 20:29:14 2010 : Info: [tls] WARNING: No information to cache:
>>> session caching will be disabled for this session.
>>> And then the reauth:
>>> Wed Jun  2 20:39:18 2010 : Info: [tls] Retrieved session data from
>>> cached session
>>> Wed Jun  2 20:39:18 2010 : Info: [tls] WARNING: No information in cached
>>> session!
>> FWIW I've seen exactly the same with FR 2.1.8.  Ended up disabling
>> caching.  But I would like to know the cause of this "No information to
>> cache" warning.  The resulting failure to retrieve cached data is of
>> course to be expected, but the warning itself doesn't make any sense to
>> me.  There must be information to cache since the authentication is
>> sucessful. 
> The 'No information to cache' means you do not have anything useful 
> (for example 'User-Name') in the reply packet.
> In the post-auth of my inner-eap virtual server I have added:
> ----
> post-auth {
>   ...
>   # needed for TTLS cache
>   update reply {
>     User-Name := "%{request:User-Name}"
>   }
>   ...
> }
> ----

Ok, I'm using exclusivly certificates for authorization. Therefore, I
dont't have any inner-eap, if I got it right.

I have one basic question:
There are now two different caches: one in eap (based on ssl) and the
extern cache, rlm_caching.

If I want to use fast_reauth, is it necessary to enable both caches or
must the ssl-cache in eap.conf be disabled to run fast_reauth
successfully with rlm_caching?

Meanwhile, I have a configuration, which does a User-Name-based
rlm_caching at the end of the last fragment of the initial
authentication with an originaly empty database.

The entry is the following in /etc/raddb/modules/caching

caching {
                filename = ${db_dir}/db.cache
                cache-ttl = 1d
                hit-ratio = 1000
                key = "%{User-Name}"
                # post-auth = "%{User-Name}"
                cache-size = 200000
                # cache-rejects = yes

I'm not sure, if User-Name is the best key for this purpose.

In /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/defaults, caching has the following entries:

authorize {
        caching {
            ok = return

post-auth {

                if (updated) {
                        update reply {
                                User-Name := "%{User-Name}"

With this config, the key is written to the caching database at the end
of the inital login.

But the problem is:

If the user reconnects or wants to connect initial again, the process is
stopped (with success returned) at the moment, the client sends the
This is wrong. The process can't be interrupted before the key exchange
has been done successfully.
How can this be written in the config-file (authorize-section)?

Kind regards,

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