Freeradius is unable to read NAS table in mysql db

Tim Sylvester tim.sylvester at
Sun Jun 6 21:36:32 CEST 2010

I set Freeradius with mysql server and Daloradius Management.
After some troubles to install FR, it worked fine, at least as basical
startup: i can authenticate remote users!


For real it works if i use /raddb/clients.conf file, setting readclients =
yes in /raddb/sql.conf.
Once i set it to "no", autentication fails. I checked nas table structure
and it's ok, the same as in /usr/local/etc/raddb/sql/mysql/nas.sql
User are instead loaded fine from mysql users table.

Your message doesn't have enough information to troubleshoot your problem.
Run FreeRADIUS in debug mode (radiusd -X) and read the error messages. If
you still can't solve your problem, send the debug output to the mailing


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