Freeradius is unable to read NAS table in mysql db

Tim Sylvester tim.sylvester at
Mon Jun 7 06:03:59 CEST 2010

I bag your pardon . .  . i forget to turn to "no" the value in sql .conf.

Which value did you set to "no"? 

Once i did . .  . non authentication . . .

What i obtain with radiusd -X is . . .

Listening on authentication address * port 1812
Listening on accounting address * port 1813
Listening on command file /usr/local/var/run/radiusd/radiusd.sock
Ready to process requests.
Ignoring request to authentication address * port 1812 from unknown client port 19556
Ready to process requests. is NAS address i set on mysql NAS table.

Send the following information to the mailing list:

1.      Copy of sql.conf - the entire file.

2.      Copy of debug output for radiusd -X - everything from the radiusd -X
command on down.

3.      Copy of information in SQL table - output from "select * from nas/G"

You have not sent us enough information to troubleshoot your problem. More
information is better than less.


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