FreeRADIUS and Asterisk. Problem with accounting

Pawel Plato plato.pawel at
Tue Jun 8 12:28:05 CEST 2010

Hi all.

The problems start when I configure FreeRadius to insert RADIUS 
accounting data into SQL, in my case - postgreSQL database. I followed 
the steps on FreeRadius creates 
SQL insert indeed, as you can see down below, but the thing is that the 
data from this table is totally useless, as e.g. acctstartime and 
acctstoptime fields are equal, which doesn't make sense. If we see the 
/var/log/radius/radacct/ file (see above), we 
can see that all of the AvPs are created in the SQL table, except the 
ones which have "Asterisk" as prefix (e.g. Asterisk-Acc-Code, 
Asterisk-Src, etc). I thought that FreeRadius will somehow map these 
values from Asterisk to values which can be put to radacct table, e.g. 
Asterisk-Start-Time ---> acctstarttime, etc. Obviously, it doesn't. I've 
been googling for whole day concerning this problem, and I wasn't able 
to find anything related to it, so probably other users had no problems 
with that. I assume that I would have to create a custom table for 
supporting asterisk RADIUS packets, but I wasn't able to find anything 
on google. I would appreciate any kind of help, hint, or advice.

Paweł Plato

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