Conditions for executing module

Mindaugas Riauba ml at
Thu Jun 10 09:28:50 CEST 2010


  FR 2.1.9 and novice in FR module programming. :)

  How to define some conditions in users/acct_users file when to use
our module? It is quite heavy and we'd like to avoid its execution in
as many cases as possible.

  I tried such configuration in users. Idea comes from
DEFAULT Auth-Type := Ourclient, Calling-Station-Id == "333"
DEFAULT Auth-Type := Accept
  And adding this to sites-enabled/default:
Auth-Type Ourclient {

  But rlm_files complains about unknown value for Auth-Type. Should I
just define this new Auth-Type in dictionary (then which range of
values is for local use?) or there is more elegant solution?



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