Mikrotik Dissconect

f0rud fzerorubigd at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 20:58:32 CEST 2010

On Thu, 2010-06-10 at 16:39 +0200, Alan DeKok wrote:
> f0rud wrote:
> > Thats the problem, version 1.1.8 have no problem!(This time I check this
> > myself. with the code from download page.)
>   OK... you haven't said which version of FreeRADIUS you're using.  Let
> me guess: it's not 2.1.9.
No its exactly 2.1.9 from GIT(last update 1 or 2 days ago after you fix
some problem.) and I'm happy with ignoring the check. so leave it be. 

And after that, in this case radius should be client and NAS is server.
so there is no harm at all.  (as long as the NAS do its job and
disconnect user, its ok) 

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