Problems authenticating with a Cisco ASA 5510

Daniel Davidson danield at
Mon Jun 14 22:05:03 CEST 2010

We have had a radius server running for years that we use to
authenticate our wireless users over wpa.  It works flawlessly and
connections are authenticated as shown by the log below.

Mon Jun 14 14:57:40 2010 : Auth: Login OK: [miyagi72/<no User-Password
attribute>] (from client 1s port 109133 cli d830.629b.3ae9)

Above is an exact log entry.  Now we are attempting to authenticate our
new ASA 5510 with radius for our vpn, authentication with it is failing.

Mon Jun 14 14:59:07 2010 : Auth: Login incorrect: [danield/password]
(from client igbvpn port 26)

In the example log above, I removed my password and replaced with the
word "password".

My guess is that the password is being thrown into the wrong field, but
I have no idea how to resolve the issue.  Can anyone point me in the
right direction.


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