Virtual server specific SQL schema.

Stephen Fulton sf at
Tue Jun 15 22:46:02 CEST 2010


You're correct, though there are a few factors causing me to cautious.  The 
first is I'm working on new, untested hardware, and given the complexity of the 
requirements, I'd rather defer to the knowledge of the list re: performance, 
before fully implementing it.  The second is that the NAS'es which will 
communicate with this RADIUS cluster are known to drop auth requests and issue a 
denial if the response is not "quick" enough.  Unfortunately this is a 3rd party 
managed set of NAS'es, and therefore limited in what I can do.

All that said, I have no concerns about FR, its mainly the DB and the 3rd party 

-- Stephen

On 6/15/2010 16:00, Tim Sylvester wrote:
>> Thanks for the suggestion, that's actually my back-up plan.  The key
>> issue is that a single MySQL server will be used, and peak-load on that
> server
>> can be quite high.  By creating multiple instances, I cannot scale the
> maximum
>> number of sockets high enough meet the requirements.  Perhaps on missing
>> something with regard to MySQL optimization, but during testing I found
> increasing the
>> maximum number of sockets was necessary to meet the performance
> requirements.
> What level of performance do you need - authentication/sec&  accounting
> packets/sec? FreeRADIUS with MySQL is able to 1,000s of authentications/sec
> and reasonably large number of accounting packets/second. You should be able
> to tune MySQL to improve the performance.
> Tim
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