checkval and != op

Christian Zoffoli czoffoli at
Mon Jun 21 02:40:27 CEST 2010

Il 20/06/2010 20:02, Christian Zoffoli ha scritto:
> Hi to all,
> I've configured freeradius with mysql anche checkval and all works as
> expected when I try to authenticate users with Calling-Station-ID and :=
> operators in radgroupcheck but I cannot use it with != operator.

I've tryed also adding these lines to the authorize section

if (Calling-Station-Id == "%{sql: SELECT value FROM radgroupcheck WHERE
groupname='%{Sql-Group}' AND op='!='  }") {


but the variable Sql-Group is not expanded.
Changing the lines above in:

if (Calling-Station-Id == "%{sql: SELECT value FROM radgroupcheck WHERE
groupname='wireless' AND op='!='  }") {


allo works as expected but now I have to hardcode all the group with the
!= operator.

Is there a way to rightly expand the %{Sql-Group} variable?

Best regards,

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