Invalid Attributes

Moayad Mohammad mmohammad at
Mon Jun 21 13:35:13 CEST 2010

Hi to all,

                I have to add wichorus dictionary for WiMAX, but in this
dictionary some attributes are invalid to freeradius.

 for example: parent_attr and subtype values.


In the below sample of the dictionary:

VENDOR            Wimax               24757     


ATTRIBUTE   Wimax-Capability        1     octets

ATTRIBUTE   Wimax-Capability-Release 1 string parent_attr=Wimax-Capability

ATTRIBUTE   Wimax-Capability-Accounting 1 octets
parent_attr=Wimax-Capability subtype=2

ATTRIBUTE   Wimax-Capability-Hotlining 1 octets parent_attr=Wimax-Capability

ATTRIBUTE   Wimax-Capability-Idle-Mode-Notification 1 octets
parent_attr=Wimax-Capability subtype=4


What I should to do?





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