problem migrating to freeradius2 with LDAP/krb5 Authorization/Authentication

Riccardo Veraldi Riccardo.Veraldi at
Mon Jun 21 23:51:55 CEST 2010

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Riccardo Veraldi wrote:
>> radtest "user at" "password"  localhost 10 testing123
> ...
>> [root at radius ~]# kinit user
>> Password for user at MYREALMG.ORG:
>   The realm names are different.  Is this intentional?
>   Try placing the name && password into a text file.  Cut & paste them
> into radtest, and into kinit.  That way you'll know that you're testing
> the same thing.
>   Alan DeKok.
> -
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yes it is intentional... it is my mistake when I obscured my real domain 
and IP Addresses.
Actually there must be something wrong with the kerberos configuration 
in the krb5.keytab
because I keep getting "wrong principal" error, so it is not freeradius2 
configuration fault in my opinion,
neverless I don't understand what is wrong with kerberos since I added 
the radius server to the KDC
configuration correctly...
Using only LDAP works flawlessy, when I add Auth-Type := kerberos it 
does not work anymore...


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