freeradius performance testing with seagull

Vladimir Romanov vromanov at
Tue Jun 22 09:48:31 CEST 2010

Hi All!
I want test freeradius+mysql accounting interface performance with
seagull. My problem - I can't implement valid signature. I always get

rad_recv: Accounting-Request packet from host port 65535,
id=1, length=48
Received Accounting-Request packet from with invalid
signature!  (Shared secret is incorrect.) Dropping packet without
I try next scenario

  <!-- Start Accouting Request -->
  <send channel="trans-ip-v4">
      <!-- For each new call, increment the Acct-Session-Id counter -->
      <inc-counter name="session-counter"> </inc-counter>
      <inc-counter name="identifier-counter"> </inc-counter>
      <set-value name="Acct-Session-Id".
      <set-value name="Identifier".
      <!-- This field must not be use with a true value -->
      <restore-from-external field="0"
    <Message name="Accounting-Request">
      <setfield name="Authenticator" value="0000000000000000"> </setfield>
      <Attribute name="Acct-Session-Id" value="value_is_replaced"> </Attribute>
      <!-- 1 stand for Start -->
      <Attribute name="Acct-Status-Type" value="1"> </Attribute>
      <Attribute name="NAS-Identifier" value=""> </Attribute>
      <store name="ACCT_SES_ID" entity="Acct-Session-Id"></store>
Vladimir Romanov

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