Redundant Accounting

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Marius Pesé wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have set up a FreeRadius2 v2.1.8 installation a while back and
> configured it according to our needs. It is running smoothly, currently
> doing Auth and Acc on one box with a MySQL database and a detail file
> being used. We now want to set up a second box which basically shall do
> the exact same thing as the first does as a failover and also give us
> two identical accounting tables in the databases.

  You're trying to configure:

	        = RADIUS + MySQL
	NAS -> /
                = RADIUS + MySQL


  Instead, configure

                 = RADIUS =     = MySQL
	NAS -> /             \ - /
               \ = RADIUS =/   \= MySQL

  i.e. Configure MySQL failover for the two RADIUS servers.

  This turns the problem into a MySQL problem, rather than a RADIUS one.
 It also gives you two points of failover, rather than one.

  Alan DeKok.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your reply. You are right about the scenario I am trying to achieve: 

        RADIUS1 + MySQL
NAS --<             |
        RADIUS2 + MySQL

(Trying to point out the synchronized databases on both servers)

I read the MySQL white paper on the solution you are proposing, but since we are a fairly small company we are actually hoping to find a solution using only two servers as in the first scenario you depictured. 
Do you think there is another reason besides scalability not to run mySQL and Radius on the same box? 
Is mySQL clustering the way to get redundant accounting either way or is there something in FreeRadius one can use for our smaller setup?

Thanks again


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