Help connecting to remote ldap server

John Dennis jdennis at
Thu Jun 24 16:56:07 CEST 2010

On 06/24/2010 10:18 AM, Raymond Norton wrote:
> ldapsearch -x -b  uid=billy,ou=People,dc=lctn,dc=org (on remote ldap server)
> Command successfully displays information on user.
> radtest raymond "password" 1 testing123 (on freeradius server)
> Displays local user info
> My config changes are as follows:

If you want people to help you then you have to include all the 
information, DO NOT provide snipets.

Include the output of ldapsearch and the ENTIRE output of the freeradius 
debug output INCLUDING the section after it begins receiving requests. 
Do NOT include your freeradius config files, they are already in the 
debug output and the exact ones being used (sometimes folks think 
different config files are being used when they aren't).

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