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Maria Sanchez Maria.Sanchez at
Mon Jun 28 23:08:54 CEST 2010

 I am getting familiar with FreeRadius since it is being proposed in the designs as our Authentication/Authorization server. I have successfully installed and started the server and I have done some calls using the radtest client script. I am currently only using the users file to create new users since my goal at this time is validating concepts.... I am currently trying to assign a Role to one of my users and get that value returned to the client. I am still using the radtest client.

The only information I found related to configuring roles indicated that I had to enter a new attribute in the dictionary file, add the attribute in the users file with the value I needed and add the dictionary file as a parameter to the radtest (-d directory) to be able to see the attribute in the returned message... Well this is not working as described... Any idea or reference document I can use to have this configured?

Thanks for your help!

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