Failed disabling Core Dumps on RHEL - SELinux Updates

Ben Wiechman wiechman.lists at
Wed Jun 30 16:29:16 CEST 2010

A note for those that may run into this as well.

When updating FR to 2.1.9 on RHEL/CentOS with SELinux enabled FreeRADIUS
would log the following when it was started:
Wed Jun  2 16:19:57 2010 : Error: Failed disabling core dumps: Permission

To resolve I had to install the following modifications to the default
SELinux policy

# cat freeradius2.te 

module freeradius2 1.0;

require {
        type radiusd_t;
        class process setrlimit;

#============= radiusd_t ==============
allow radiusd_t self:process setrlimit;

This allowed the daemon to properly disable core dumps. 

Ben Wiechman
Wisper High Speed Internet

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