Pending release of 2.1.9

John Dennis jdennis at
Thu May 13 18:12:41 CEST 2010

On 05/13/2010 06:57 AM, Alan DeKok wrote:
>    I've put pre releases of 2.1.9 on the web:
>    Please try them, and note any issues.  If there aren't problems, we
> can release 2.1.9 real soon now.

Thank you for your hard work Alan! I'd like to thank you and everyone 
who worked on this for their contributions to the open source community. 
We all owe you a debt of gratitude.

As to 2.1.9 ...

It passes basic sanity checking. It builds, installs, and runs. I have 
tested with radtest and with each of the eapol_test scripts. I do not 
have a stress testing environment, I think others do and it would be 
good to hear from them.

The Changelog notes several feature additions. I thought this was a bug 
fix update only. In fairness some of the feature additions were in the 
area of documentation, that's great and I don't have a problem with 
features which do not change code and make it easier for users to use. 
But shouldn't the other features have been reserved for the 2.2.x branch 
and limit 2.1.9 to only bug fixes?

The one bug I was most concerned about I don't see specifically called 
out and I'm wondering what the disposition of that was. Sorry, but I'm 
going to be a little vague rather than citing a bug number. There was a 
problem reported by several people that resulted in a server crash and 
only seemed to appear under high load conditions after the server was up 
for a while. Alan said he was having a hard time reproducing it, that 
logically it seemed impossible from static code inspection, but 
acknowledged it was real because it had been reported often enough. Does 
that ring a bell? Does this update address that issue?

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