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yes i want to try my radius server whith an extern client. i'm wrking whith ubuntu. does NTRadping works in ubuntu?

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Do you want it only to try your radius server?

You can use NTRadping (windows or wine :-D ) or JRadius to try your freeradius server.


2010/5/19 dorra aa <dj_dido2003 at>

after the addition of customers in the database sql, I assay to test a client in other computer by  using radtest.but i had those lignes:
# radtestLe programme 'radtest' peut être trouvé dans les paquets suivants :(that's means The program 'radtest' can be found in the following packages)
 * radiusd-livingston * yardradius * xtradius * freeradius
all that a want that the client try to acced to the server.and all the document said that i may use "radtest" but it's just working only in server
thank you 		 	   		  
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