Restricting access to NAS via http login authentication list

Maciej Drobniuch maciej at
Wed May 19 15:03:34 CEST 2010

i think that only the NAS has the power to decide it. RADIUS sends
only the accounts

2010/5/19 Peter Carlstedt <pc_007 at>:
> Hello,
> Didnt really know what kind of title I should have given this one but I will
> try to explain what it is I am aiming for.
> The switches I use supports both http and https login towards the switch to
> administrate it.
> The switch has support for using an athentication towards a radius server to
> check if the user wanting to login to the switch is a existing user in the
> radius server.
> The problem I have is that every user in the user file in Freeradius can
> access the switch when im using an authentication list which checks against
> the radius server. Is there anyway to restrict so that only one specific
> user in the users file can get access to the NAS?
> Best regards/ Peter Carlstedt
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Maciej Drobniuch

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