proxy.conf src_ipaddr ignored

Edgar Fuß ef at
Thu Nov 4 12:54:12 CET 2010

> I guess you (a) didn't read my message,
Sorry, I did read your message.

> and (b) want to debug it yourself.
That's sometimes the thing I end up with.

> Exactly.
So I upgraded and things got worse (or better, if you prefer consistency). Now, it doesn't honor the src_ipaddr setting no matter if I start with -sfxx -l stdout or whatever.
What I gain are hundreds of messages like
Failed binding to proxy address  port 1000: Permission denied
(note there are two spaces here^^, so this looks like an empty string surrounded by spaces)
The only unusual thing I can find is that there is an interface alias address on the interface having as a primary address the src_ipaddr given.
I'm somewhat, eh, reluctant to removing this alias at this time since this would mean losing one of my two DNS resolvers.
What I could try later is using another interface's (one not having an alias) address as src_ipaddr and see if that is honoured or not.
This all is on NetBSD/amd64 4.0.1 in case it matters.

I can post any configuration details or debugging output if that helps.

> The alternative is to demand that *we* do the work to track it down.
There seems to be some serious misunderstanding here.
I was not asking for anybody to track down my problems. I'm used to track down my problems myself.
I was simply asking whether this was a known issue or not.
Had the problem gone away by upgrading to 2.1.10, it might have, in fact, still been there, only hidden by some random artifact. It might have reappeared with 2.1.11 or by some totally unrelated configuration change.

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