which user is using this IP? (Ethernet, no dial-up)

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Nov 4 16:40:30 CET 2010

On 04/11/10 15:31, Guido De Rosa wrote:
> [Apparently the usenet gateway is not bidirectional, so I re-post here, sorry]
> Hello,
> AFAIK, there's nothing in the RADIUS protocol allowing you to ask
> a RADIUS server which user is currently using a given IP address... or
> am I missing something? The only thing you can do is

The radius server only knows what the NAS tells it.

> FreeRADIUS-specific like issuing the
> "radwho" command which shows you a list of currently
> logged users, their IP addresses and other informations. Another
> option
> is querying the FreeRADIUS database (MySQL/whatever...), which is
> actually what some front-ends do (like DaloRADIUS...).
> Do you know a more robust/standard/portable solution to get these
> info?

If your NAS supplies the IP information in the radius requests, use 
FreeRadius and the SQL module; there are many variations on how to do 
this. The most common is the NAS sending Framed-IP-Address in accounting 
packets, and rlm_sql logging the session.

If your NAS doesn't supply the IP information in the radius requests, 
FreeRadius can't help you.

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