freeradius and Cisco VPN IPSEC profiles authentication

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On 04/11/10 16:15, Jevos, Peter wrote:
> Thank fo your reply, hoever as you can see from my previous posts, I
> it:

Frankly I find your posts confusing; your email client doesn't quote 
properly and mangles the text wrapping, so I had no way to be sure.

Post full debug output of a failing request.
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I'm sorry , It's outlook : )
Point is if I use Tunnel-Private-Group-ID == "Group1" as the condition
on the dirst line, it doesn't work, it skips and goes to another auth

DEFAULT   Auth-Type := ntlm_auth_vpn, NAS-IP-Address ==,Tunnel-Private-Group-ID == "Group1"
	Other statemts ...
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