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Tue Nov 9 20:09:52 CET 2010

I know I'm missing something obvious but I'm stuck here so I apologize in
advance for the silly question.

I'm using freeradius 2.1.7.

I'm using the "files" option for all processes but I want to use user groups
so I can reference them in my huntgroups definitions as groups of users
permitted to authentication to that group of devices.  I tried modifying the
etc_group module and the group is correctly determined but it takes place
after the huntgroup decision making process done by "preprocessing" so the
match condition for the huntgroup fails.  I then inserted the module before
"preprocessing" in my sites-available/default file and the group is
correctly determined prior to preprocessing but it doesn't seem to match the
test condition.  Snippets of config are below.  Any guidance would be

passwd My-Group-Name {
    filename = /etc/raddb/group
    format = "=My-Group-Name:*,User-Name"
    hashsize = 50
    ignorenislike = yes
    allowmultiplekeys = yes
    delimiter = ":"

ATTRIBUTE    My-Group-Name        3000    string


hg1     NAS-IP-Address =~ "^10\.69\.1\..*"
        My-Group-Name == telecom,
        My-Group-Name == hg1admin,

test1    Cleartext-Password := "password1"
test2    Cleartext-Password := "password2"

I've inserted the My-Group-Name module at various locations within
sites-available/default with no luck.  Again, ant guidance would be
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