More Info: Setting group membership

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 10 16:27:51 CET 2010

inetjunkmail wrote:
>     I'm using the "files" option for all processes but I want to use
>     user groups so I can reference them in my huntgroups definitions as
>     groups of users permitted to authentication to that group of
>     devices.  I tried modifying the etc_group module and the group is
>     correctly determined but it takes place after the huntgroup decision
>     making process done by "preprocessing" so the match condition for
>     the huntgroup fails.  I then inserted the module before
>     "preprocessing" in my sites-available/default file and the group is
>     correctly determined

  You've configured the passwd module to add the attribute as a *reply*

>...  prior to preprocessing but it doesn't seem to
>     match the test condition.

  Because the huntgroup checks match *request* attributes.

  Update the "passwd" module to add the group name as a request attribute.

  Alan DeKok.

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