How to Change Auth Type LOcal to LDAP only

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Nov 11 14:29:56 CET 2010

eduardo moreira wrote:
> In few weeks i try to configure freeradius with ldap, but no sucess.

  It should take about an hour.

  Install FreeRADIUS.  Configure raddb/modules/ldap.  Uncomment the
references to "ldap" in raddb/sites-available/default.

  It's that easy.

> Ok ok, i read many about this, but no work.
> Only authenticate Local, but need authenticate only with LDAP.
> See bellow my radiusd.conf

  This is part of the problem.  None of the documentation says to post
this.  Instead, *all* of the documentation says to post the debug output.

  Reading the documentation helps.

  Alan DeKok.

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