Accounting and Acct-Delay-Time in MySQL

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Thu Nov 18 08:58:48 CET 2010


>    I'd re-visit the entire accounting table&&  queries.  Create a *new*
> table, so that people don't have surprises when they upgrade.
>    Ideally, it should be robust in the face of duplicate packets, and
> packets forwarded via 2 different paths (think radrelay + delays)

Okay, I'll see what I can do. One thing I noticed is that the default 
schema has a column

xascendsessionsvrkey varchar(10) default NULL,

A VSA, of a vendor that's long dead? This is one column that I would 
wipe out. If some people find they need it, they can always modify the 
tables to their (peculiar ;-) ) needs. No reason to push this column 
into every FreeRADIUS installation on the planet.

Another thing I miss very much is in radpostauth:
* some gear sends a different User-Name attribute in its reply than was 
in the request. It would be good to have these two names correlated 
easily, at least for forensics. Adding a column "reply-username" would 
do a lot of good here.
* callingstationid would also be nice to have
* and an indication which NAS the user used to log in (and/or which 
virtual server was used to handle the request)

All of that is info one typically has to dig out of detail files; which 
is much more cumbersome than having it in SQL.

Any thoughts here?



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