Case-insensitive regexps in rlm_files

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Nov 19 09:27:44 CET 2010

Brian Candler wrote:
> The benefit to us in doing this in rlm_files/rlm_fastusers is that when
> these files are rsynced out, freeradius re-reads them without needing a
> restart.

  While the modules are reloaded on HUP, so are the virtual servers.  So
you can put "unlang" into a file, and it will be reloaded on HUP.

> rlm_fastusers can also be a lot faster than a linear search in unlang.

  Yes, but it's not any faster than the "files" module.  There's no need
for "fastusers" any more.

> Furthermore, it also helps that the syntax is limited and line-based, as it
> results in less scope for errors.  It's just a bit too limited without //i.

  ... and many other features, which are in "unlang".  I'm wary of
re-implementing the same thing multiple times.

> We currently use our own custom modules which have similar functionality to
> rlm_files and rlm_fastusers with case-insensitive regexp matching, but I'm
> keen to fold this back into mainline if possible. (*)

  It's probably simpler just to add case-insensitive regex matching to
the core.  That way *all* of the modules get the functionality, and not
just "users".

  Alan DeKok.

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