Problem with FreeRADIUS + PPPoE + Mikrotik

Nick Warr nick at
Wed Nov 24 08:58:16 CET 2010

Il 24/11/2010 5.05, Pableus ha scritto:
> I have not got the exact number right now. We're still doing tests, so for
> now a few clients authenticate with RADIUS, the rest follows as usual.
> What catches my attention is that users only have problems when they are
> passed to the RADIUS, otherwise do not have problems with disconnections.
Have a look at three things..

1. When does the error occur, immediately after a PPPoE service restart, 
or the Mikrotik is restarted? We've noticed that if the service is 
stopped, Mikrotik doesn't send all the Disconnect packets, so you can 
have IP mismatches, and other issues which really aren't the fault of 
the Radius server.

2. Have a good look at your wireless log, and try talking to some of the 
clients who have the issue, it may be a CPE problem, or maybe they just 
have a crappy signal.

3. Look at things like Idle Timeouts, and see if your NAS has any errors 
like Radius Timeout..

4. As an aside, if you're doing 2.4 GHz, you could just be subject to 
DOS issues..

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