Logging reply-detail only produces single line of output

Robert White rwhite at globalgossip.net
Thu Nov 25 01:41:06 CET 2010

I want to log all replies from Radius to my NAS so I edited my sites-enabled
file and uncommented 'reply_log'.  I then went to modules/detail and added:

detail reply_log {
        detailfile = ${radacctdir}/%{Client-IP-Address}/reply-detail-%Y%m%d

        detailperm = 0600

Now if i go to my log directory I do see reply-detail-%Y%m%d files created
however the content is not what I expected.  Rather than outputting all the
attributes of the reply, all i see is:

Thu Nov 25 02:11:29 2010
        Packet-Type = Access-Accept

Thu Nov 25 08:29:22 2010
        Packet-Type = Access-Accept

How can I change the behavior to log all reply attributes?


Rob White


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