MAC Address Filtering

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Nov 29 10:32:17 CET 2010


>    I have the operating system ubunto 10.4 with freeradisUs-server-2.1.10
>    I want to know if I should modify the archive in the clients.conf to get
>    rid of or register clients.
>    Can anyone help me ??

clients.conf is where you add or remove devices which need to talk to the 
RADIUS server - ie wireless AP, switch or dial-in RAS.  (unless you want to
use SQL , in which case you can add them to a table in the DB - read sql.conf
and the relevant dialup.conf for more details)

..unless you meant 'clients' as in people/laptops - in RADIUS, they arent clients,
they are users.  so you need to edit users file....or LDAP or SQL or PERL etc


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